The Horror - The Series

in our notorious megalomania we always find kindred spirits in the fabulous Film/TV-production company bildundtonfabrik. Many wonderful music-videos have been created in that collaboration, but with The Horror we’l try to elevate the format one step up: the music-video as a series. 
This Friday we will  present the first episode of four that will be released in a weekly period. 
For this project we were able to get one of the currently most exciting german directors: Jan Bonny. In addition to that a fantastic cast with Merle Wasmuth und Jean-Luc Bubert in the leading roles. 
Christine is trying to fight for guidelines limiting the development of artificial intelligence, Jean thinks he has the natural instincts of his lab animals under control. A married couple in an open relationship is trying for a therapeutical way out of their crisis, alone in a holiday home. And then there are black dogs everywhere. 
It’s about nothing less than: artificial intelligence, artificial emotions, the fight for and against human nature, the overcoming of emotions and most of all about the one emotion that can’t be overcome: fear. 
That sounds pretty abstract, but it isn’t. We simply can’t and won’t give too much away. 

So tune in! 
A very special thanks to Philipp Kaessbohrer who made that all possible! We 💖 you!

Weekly episode from the 25th of may on via

Here is the trailer: