The Horror - Episode 1 - Martyrs

The Horror - The Series
Episode I - Martyrs

Christine is trying to fight for guidelines limiting the development of artificial intelligence, Jean thinks he has the natural instincts of his lab animals under control. A married couple in an open relationship is trying for a therapeutical way out of their crisis, alone in a holiday home. And then there are black dogs everywhere.

It’s about nothing less than: artificial intelligence, artificial emotions, the fight for and against human nature, the overcoming of emotions and most of all about the one emotion that can’t be overcome: fear. 
That sounds pretty abstract, but it isn’t. We simply can’t and won’t give too much away. So tune in!

The Horror contains 4 espisodes.
It will stream weekly from today on (20:15h CET) at

A very special thank you goes out to Philipp Kaessbohrer from btf. Without you none of this would have happened.

executive producer Philipp Kässbohrer
director Jan Bonny
screenplay Jan Eichberg
director of photography Jakob Beurle
camera assistant Gregor Steinweg Felix Mai
2. camera assistant Thorsten Gruna, Leo Sikstel, Lorna Ulbrich
gaffer Fabian Zenker
electrician Paul Pallapies, Tobias Blankenburg
sound mixer Achim Stromenger-Reich, Moritz Minhöfer, Tom Vermaaten
boom operator Tarik Badaoui
set designer Julia Pasternak, Janika Streblow, Lea Fumy
costume design Fine Steubing, Sophia Gottwald, Enis Akiev, Phyllis Pollmann
makeup artist Carolin Gechter, Julia Glaser Santina, Vergine Sarah McKenzie ,Madeleine Magnus

producer Matthias Murmann
production manager Darius Cernota
production assistant Benjamin Fischer, Nina Holberg, Emma Göttgens, Vanessa Joos
set manager Janek Kobusch, Dennis Colquhoun Katharina Meyer-Josten Nico Radtke, Lerke Müller, Sebastian Teitge, 
casting Susanne Ritter, Teresa Messerschmidt, Carolin Worbs
technical coordinator Joachim Richerzhagen
head of postproduction Julian Schleef editor & colorist Fridolin Körner
assistant editor Rafael Maier Florian Böttger
sound design & mix Kai Holzkämper
additional sound design Paul Grosse-Schönepauck
dog trainer Film-Hund-Agentur Katja Struwe Angela Grasso Ute Becker dogs Fame Andrássy Blaer Anima Cara